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        Welcome To Taizhou Huangyan Yijing Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.ENGLISH簡體中文
        Location:Home > Products > Autoloader | Plastics Dryer | Crusher | Mixer
        Autoloader | Plastics Dryer | Crusher | Mixer
        Model: Assistant Machines Brand: Dr.cap
        Place of origin: Dr.cap Delivery: 30 Days
        Package: General Packing Payment Methods: T/T
        Certificate: ISO9001 Export market: All World


        Easy installation and inspection.High efficiency and reliability.Adopt completely the drip-proof enclosed type induction motor and special casting blade with strong suction.The filter is cleaning automatically by the clean-switch device.


        Fast crushing is possible for any plastic material(e.g.materials of ABS,plastic stell.high/low density,soft or film plastics,bags or cloth ,etc.)No sawing is needed for plastics in larger blocks.The direct crushing is guaranteed smooth operations and laborsaving.


        Suitable for the colour blending of various plastic materials.Compact-sized,space-saving,easy operation,cleaning and moving.

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