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        Welcome To Taizhou Huangyan Yijing Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.ENGLISH簡體中文
        Location:Home > Products > Cap compression molding machine
        36-caivty Automatic cap compression molding machine
        Model: YJ-36C Brand: Dr.cap
        Place of origin: Dr.cap Delivery: 60days
        Package: general packing Payment Methods: T/T L/C
        Certificate: ISO CE Export market: All over the world

        High-Speed Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine

        YJ-36C cap compression molding machine is applicable for cap production from thermoforming plastics (PP,PE,etc.,) , its rotating design ensures continuous cap production and no injection time, so yield greatly increased.

        The machine adopts continuous compression molding hydraulic press for plastic cap manufacturing via the extrusion of dry-blend granulated compounds (i.e. HDPE, PP), metering, pelleting and insertion in the cavities to mould it into the final shape. The capacity of the machine depends heavily on compound properties and the geometry of the manufactured caps.

        Equipment Advantages.
        1. Intelligent PLC controlling system
        2. Human-machine interface, easy & stable operation
        3. Machine adopts world-class industry design and processing crafts,exquisite electrical configuration 
        and superb assembling technology
        4. Easy computer operation realizes full-auto production from PP&PE resin to final caps.
        5. Rotation compressing cap molding offers shorter recycling time,high yielding and fine final caps,
        caps with no injection point and easy for cap logo printing
        6. Cap with high density, short change-over time for one color cap to another.
        7. Low energy consumption,output triples compared with the traditional cap injection molding machine
        8. Each cap mold is independently compressed, no runner scrap.
        9. Easy and low cost mold maintenance
        10.High efficiency, low price

        Trading process:


        Detailed requirement, price, payment term, delivery time, ect. 

        Place an order

        Everything is ok, we signed a contract according to result of negotiation.


        We make 2D drawing of product to you  according to your samples and demand, and you approve drawing. We start to make machine according to drawing with your signature.

        Approve mold

        You come to our factory and directly supervise machine trial. Or We send testing samples to you after mold is finished, after you approve testing samples, machine is ok.


        We arrange shipment according to customers' requirement.


        Warranty Period :12 months 

        Payment term :T/T 30%for deposite,70%balance after you approve all the machine and before shipment

        Packing :Strong wooden case or as you required

        Delivery Time:55-60 working days after receiving 30% deposit and confirm your cap design drawing.

        Machine Information.
        TYPE MODEL YJ-36C
        Cap Number of Cavity 36 cavities
        Output 20000-30000pcs/hr
        Raw Material PP/PE
        Diameter of Cap 22-45mm
        Height of Cap 10-25mm
        ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Installation Power 65kw
        Actual Power Consumption 36kw
        Power Supply
        (Three Phase,Five Wire)
        380V 50Hz
        AIR SYSTEM Operatating Pressure 0.8Mpa
        Pressure Consuming 1.0m3/hr
        MACHINE Machine dimension 6.0x2.2x2.6(m)
        Machine weight 7ton
        Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice for the further improvement.
        !Note: Custom production accepted. Any client idea tried.

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