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        Location:Home > Products > Full-automatic Cap lining Machine
        Full-automatic cap lining machine
        Model: YJ-280A Brand: Dr.cap
        Place of origin: Dr.cap Delivery: 30-45days
        Package: wooden case Payment Methods: L/C T/T
        Certificate: ISO CE Export market: all over the word
        The machine mainly used for making inner matts for theftproof aluminium lids and plastic lids, it takes the dried national and imported EVA plastic grains as raw materials which are plasticised, moulded and pressed into lids by high temperature, so the inner mat is conglutinated with bottle lid.
        The machine solves the problems of water and gas leakage without mat and the manual mat putting which can elicit unhealthful, easy to put two pieces and low work efficiency.

        The machine has the same performance of the smiliar imported machine, it accords with the national standard of food sanitary. The machine has small cubage, high work efficiency, smooth and beautiful mat with convenient operation, so the lid of the bottle is easy to open with fine airproof ability.

        Main technical features:



        Arrangment of lids feeding

        Automatic lid feeding



        Heat energy controls

        Automatic controlling

        Weight of spacer


        Eletricity consumption


        Power of the host


        Electrical socure

        ≈380W 50HZ

        Power of the assistant machine




        Controlled method

        Electric machine and linkage controls

        Dimension of the shape


        Timing mode

        Electric machine frequency conversion timing

        Electric machine frequency conversion timing

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